More Inspiration

Hello! I know I said I was going to do this once a week. I need to keep up. I’m sorry. 😦

So my next “inspiration” will be 56. Toast for bagel.
I am the person that takes a bagel to work almost every day. The day I don’t have a bagel, I usually eat oatmeal because it’s easy and I can make it at work. But I feel the bagel fills me up more (probably the carbs). For anyone who has any Mediterranean blood, you know how much we love carbs. Carbs are included at every. Single. Meal. Sometimes every COURSE in every meal. So I love me some carbs. Don’t judge me, it’s in my blood. So, I’m going to try and take wheat toast instead. I’ve already switched out sweet potato butter for cream cheese (and the local farmers market sells it, so it’s easy to get ahold of.). I think it can be easy. Just need to get up in time….:D

Also, I’m getting further on my Couch to 5k. I got a little stuck, and I think it was all psychological. I just couldn’t push myself. Then the other day, I came home from work and felt so pumped that I just ran! And just pushed through! I also found that the right song can really help me get through the run. One thing I’m having trouble with is just the monotony of running on a treadmill. I like constant stimulation. I’m the person that has to be doing something else (usually with my hands, e.g., knitting, playing a game on my phone, on the computer) when I’m watching TV. So, running on a treadmill is a little difficult because of the monotony. I’m hoping that when I start running outside it changes it up a little, and the scenery adds to my motivation. Or maybe I should just run through North Philly. I think that might be some motivation :).

Summer To-Do list Update!
What we’ve accomplished so far:
Phillies game! We’ve actually gone twice! We have many more games to go!
Have a Catch. Now, I want to do this properly, but we DID have a catch!
Bean Bag Toss. TGFTG! (Thank God for Tailgating!). And friends who own bean bag toss games!
Froyo! Oh man this is definitely going to happen again. I introduced mike to the world of froyo, and he loved it. He didn’t realize how big the cups are so he filled it all the way with froyo before even getting to the toppings. Also, the place we went to had SALTED CARAMEL froyo. Oh man. One of my favorite flavor combinations ever. I died. Mike went with the smart “healthy” choice, pomegranate raspberry. And then smothered it in gummie bears. Mmm. Needless to say, we WILL be going again soon.
Farmer’s market. This is a weekly thing for us, since I live walking distance from two (and a co-op).

Well, until I update next time!
❤ Nicole


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