Hello again,

Just a quick update to what’s going on in my life, so hopefully I can post some reviews/recipes/photos soon.

1.) I’m looking for a house! I know, exciting right? Hopefully I’ll have a place soon to do my own projects and for my dog to run around. Pictures to come when I finally find the right place.

2.) I’m starting my internship. I’m going to be working at an outpatient facility practicing mental health therapy with individuals of all ages. I’m so excited. I won’t be able to give you too many other details than that, but it’s going to be great!

3.) I am almost done school! I have two classes left. Which means a lot more time for you folks! Hope you’re excited, I sure am!

4.) I’ll be applying back to school in the fall. Say what??????????I just said I’m excited to be almost done! Ultimately I want to get my PhD and become a licensed psychologist. Hopefully a program will take me!

5.) I’ll be going to the Bahamas in May! Can’t wait! More to come soon.

On a side note, I realized I never really posted that I got a puppy! This happened back in August. I know, I know, I’m slacking. Her name is Tessa and she’s an uber mini doxie! (Miniature Dachshund). Here she is!

Her 1st birthday is next month (May 4) so expect some pictures and an update around then!

Hope spring’s treating you well!



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