Jadore Vox Box!

Hey everyone, I’m back. And hopefully for good! I know I need to get back into this. I’m trying, I’m trying. I’m almost done all my classes, so hopefully I will have more time.

Anyway, today, I received my first ever VOX BOX! in the mail. It’s full of fantastic things complementary of influenster! As I use the products, I’ll let you know.

So far, I received a huge bag of Hershey Kisses! If you know me, you know I love chocolate; however, I don’t think I want to just use these on myself. So my friends and coworkers need to be prepared for some Hershey kisses recipes coming soon!

I also received John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Flat Iron Spray. I actually have a lot of trouble with my fly-aways, especially when dealing with heat. I am excited to try this product!

I was surprised by a 4 pack of Red Rose tea, in Crème Caramel and Lemon Chiffon samples. I love tea, and I am always looking for new brands and flavors! The Lemon Chiffon is decaf, so this may be for relaxing at night. 😀

Another surprise in the box was KissLashes. I’m not big on fake lashes, as I already have fairly long lashes, so I may pass these off to a friend to try out. I will let you know what they think!

Finally, I was provided with Botanics Iconic Clay mask. My face could use some exfoliating, and this weekend could use some relaxing…so I see this in my near future.

I’ll make sure to come back and update you all on how everything is! (Although I know the kisses are going to be amazing.)

For a photo of everything, check it out here!


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