Hello all. I apologize for my sparse entries thus far. Class + work + boyfriend + restricted Internet at work makes this difficult. However! I will be done with classes within the next few weeks! Although I will spend the summer researching for my thesis, I plan to spend a lot of time working on a list I came up with for the summer. A lot of big and small to dos! Since I am posting this from my phone I cannot upload said lists. I will get them to you soon though!

I am also planning on doing a push up challenge and squat challenge. I discovered recently that my gym at school is free so I plan to take advantage of that. I have about an hour and a half between work and class so I may be going straight to school now instead of stopping home after work. The mail can wait. I hope to get a lot done this summer! And I take suggestions!

I also plan to take some inspiration from ReFashionista. I’mma go thrift shopping! (Cue Macklemore).

Hope you’re summer will be as eventful as mine!



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