Finally got it up!

Okay, so I told you that I would post my summer list along with the original. Here is the original, thanks to Pinterest.


As you can see, a lot of activities are for kids. However, I felt that I could still use some of the “younger ideas” as inspiration. I changed maybe about half? into things that Mike and I would do together (and sometimes include friends, depending on the activity.) So here is our list!

Feel free to steal it, take inspiration, what have you!

Can’t believe it’s finally spring!


Squats and thrusts!

Hello! Today I start two new challenges. The first is the 50 day squat challenge. Day 1? 50 squats.

Also! 30 day push-up challenge! Day 1? 5 push ups.

Didn’t have a good run today, it’s been a week since I last ran. My fault. Back at it though!



Hello all. I apologize for my sparse entries thus far. Class + work + boyfriend + restricted Internet at work makes this difficult. However! I will be done with classes within the next few weeks! Although I will spend the summer researching for my thesis, I plan to spend a lot of time working on a list I came up with for the summer. A lot of big and small to dos! Since I am posting this from my phone I cannot upload said lists. I will get them to you soon though!

I am also planning on doing a push up challenge and squat challenge. I discovered recently that my gym at school is free so I plan to take advantage of that. I have about an hour and a half between work and class so I may be going straight to school now instead of stopping home after work. The mail can wait. I hope to get a lot done this summer! And I take suggestions!

I also plan to take some inspiration from ReFashionista. I’mma go thrift shopping! (Cue Macklemore).

Hope you’re summer will be as eventful as mine!