Hello Everyone!

It appears I did not make a post, although I thought I did! Well, I plan to use this blog for a little bit of everything. I cook, I’m trying to get  into a better workout regimen, I like to DIY, I love reading, love movies, and love new things. I know this is very broad and general, but as I post, you will get to know me, what I like, etc.

For now, I’ll just let you know about my new Zumba game. I recently read somewhere that if you do an exercise that you find fun, you’ll be more motivated to do it.  I do enjoy how I feel AFTER I exercise, but I do not usually enjoy the actual work out. However Zumba was fun. It was difficult, but fun. I chose the full workout, and it was about an hour long. I had no idea. Song after song it wouldn’t stop, but I was starting to get the moves down and get into it. Great. I felt really good afterwards. Then, the “Finished” sign popped up and said I’d burned 575 calories. That made me feel even better.

Then, I killed it with girl scout cookies. I limited myself though don’t worry.
These new Mango Creme girl scout cookies are amazing though. Seriously, go buy a box. Or 10.

Thank’s for listening!